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Rent an off-grid camper with all the comforts for a family

Our 2022 Silverado 2500 is an adventure vehicle ready to take you just about anywhere in Quebec you want to go.

Whether you want to take the camper for a trip or you're still trying to find the right model, rent our camper in Montreal. An adventure vehicle ready to take you just about anywhere in Quebec you want to go.

This camper is fully loaded with large windows to enjoy the beautiful view, blackout curtains for the bright summer nights, a luxurious interior with led light system, high quality heating system, a cozy sofa bed with a quality mattresses, and two beds.  This automatic truck is really easy to drive and operate and therefore perfect for exploring Quebec!

5 seatbelts
4 Beds
3 large bags
Diesel stove

Our brand new truck has a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit, it is fuel efficient, always in good condition, and is maintained by professional mechanics in Montreal.

  • Truck occupancy: 1 - 5 persons

  • Camper Occupancy: 1 - 4 persons 

  • 300w solar panels
  • 2000w Inverter/power station
  • High quality heating system

  • Curtains, pillows and blankets for 4 Persons

  • Cutlery and dinnerware for 4 Persons

  • Pot and pan

  • Sink with running water - 90L water tank

  • Diesel cook stove

  • 35L Fridge/freezer

  • 200km per day included. ($0,35 CAD per extra km)

  • Price Range: $219 - $249 CAD per day

  • Taxes + Insurance not included

  • Location: Montreal

Camper Rental in Quebec province

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Campers offer the perfect way to experience Quebec. A way to truly get in touch with Québecois nature in real comfort. The combination of mobility and freedom is simply ideal.

Unique Campers

We have designed our campers for a unique experience. We put a lot of effort into making sure that our campers are warm, even during the coldest winter months.

Le Petit Campeur

We are travelers like you. Discover the Quebec's wonderful nature and the beautiful landscapes shouldn't cost you an arm. That's why with Le Petit Campeur, we want to give travelers the opportunity to attempt the adventure. Make Quebec your playing field such as us!

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