A camper,
designed for adventure

Fiberglass construction
  • Toughbuilt

  • All weather proof

  • Lightweight

Self sufficient

  • Solar panels

  • Portable lithium power station

  • Fresh water


  • Wool insulation

  • Custom-made

  • Made in Canada

The minimalist Sherpa model is a perfect combination of a small camper and mobility. The interior design takes advantage of the highly customizable large cabin. With onboard heating and quality 4-season insulation, you’ll be ready for any kind of weather. The interior layout maximizes the outdoor experience with two large side windows. Combined with the functional and efficient layout, the interior is equipped with high-quality components and appliances such as the Wallas XC stove/heater. Our healthy, high-performance wool insulation is unmatched in keeping you comfortable on any adventure.

There is nothing like a wool fiber.
Wool insulation
Moisture Management

Wool is the ultimate moisture manager. In the form of vapor, condensation, or water- moisture will inevitably make its way into your walls. You need insulation that actively manages that moisture, helping keep your vehicle dry and free of mold and mildew. Unlike any other insulation, wool is naturally able to absorb moisture while still retaining it’s high insulative properties. When the ambient air dries (>65%) wool will release the moisture into the air. The result is a long-lasting, non-slumping, high-performance insulation that keeps your walls dry and temperatures more constant.


The most common way to measure insulation products is by R-Value which denotes resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the insulating power. The wool comes in at an impressive R-Value per inch of 3.6. But R-Value is not the only way to measure insulation. What happens when moisture is introduced into an environment? The R-Value can plummet (as in the case of polysio board, the colder it gets, the less R-Value). In order to sustain high performance (high R-Value), your insulation also needs to actively manage moisture and stay dry. The wool does just that. Because wool is a hygroscopic insulator, it can absorb moisture without becoming wet to the touch and without affecting its superior performance.

Sound Absorption

A Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) is a rating for how much sound a material absorbs. Like a sponge absorbs water, insulation absorbs sound and the NRC tells us just how much sound gets soaked up. The higher the NRC rating, the better the sound absorption. So a material with an NRC of 1 absorbs 100% of sound. In the insulation world, NRC is an important factor because along with regulating temperature, insulation should also keep your living space quiet. Wool’s NRC of 90% beats most other insulation mediums. To be fair, there are some products with a slightly higher NRC but those tend to be designed specifically for sound absorption. As such, they fall short on other important metrics like R-Value…. not to mention moisture management, air filtration, and sustainability.


Wool is a truly sustainable building material, from its production to the end of its life. Wool is biodegradable and compostable unlike mainstream insulation which will sit in landfill, or, worse, on the ocean floor for the next 1,000 years. So after a very long life, wool can be placed back in the earth where it will break down on its own and actually fertilize the soil.

source: havelockwool.com

Our Love for Details

  • Kitchen area
  • Fan
  • Lounge area
  • Storage
  • Blind and screen
  • Power station

    Our product is not built in mass quantities overseas, it's locally crafted custom tailored by a dedicated & passionate team.  Our campers are pioneers by using natural wool insulation, and then a fabric layer on all panels inside the cabin. The combination of modular design, ergonomic components, and a surprising amount of storage makes the Sherpa interior very functional & flexible living space.

    day position
    night position with 2 beds



    Base Model Dry Weight: starting at 1300 Lbs.

    Adult Sleeping: 4

    Floor length (6ft bed): 78" to the doorstep

    Floor length (8ft bed): 95" to the doorstep

    Interior Height: 5'11"

    Body Width: 77 1/8"

    Roof/Wall Framing: Fiberglass, wood and Aluminum

    Exterior Material: Fiberglass

    Standard features

    Exterior color: white

    Interior colors: many choices available for cushions/storage

    Multi-function aluminum seating / table area

    Multi-purpose rail system

    2 large aluminum storages

    2 large windows (Blind and screen is included with window)

    1 bed (60x72" or 53x74", 4" foam mattress), covered by waterproof 2.2oz Nylon

    Rugged vinyl floor

    4-season insulation (Wool and Fiberglass)

    Diesel heating Unit (Air)

    Dimmable LED lighting system

    Powered roof fan vent

    Safety Exit

    Smoke & CO2 detector

    Pre-wired for solar panel

    E-locks for doors (works with your truck keys)

    Available options

    Custom exterior color

    Kitchenette area with drawers/doors

    Heating Unit (Water)

    Marine diesel stove/heater

    On-demand water pump

    Fresh water tank

    Stainless steel sink with foldable tap and cover

    Outside fresh shower


    Electric roof hatch

    Portable toilet

    Heated floor

    Portable lithium power station with 12v and 120v

    12v Fridge with sliding system

    Interior shower

    Rolef rear screen doors

    LED Exterior Lighting Package

    Rack system Installed on roof

    Awning system

    Heavy duty tripod jack x 4

    Roof mounted solar panel of 100 watts or more

    Backup camera (for trucks w/ a factory installed camera)


    • Sherpa 8
    • Sherpa 8
    • Sherpa 8
    • Sherpa 6 & 8
    • Sherpa 6 & 8

    The Sherpa series is available for the 6.5 & 8ft pick-up beds.

    Starting at $30 500 CAD

    Sherpa 6

    6.5ft Pickup Bed

    Ford F Series
    Toyota Tundra
    RAM Trucks
    GMC Sierra
    Chevy Silverado

    Sherpa 8

    8ft Pickup Bed

    Ford F Series
    Toyota Tundra
    RAM Trucks
    GMC Sierra
    Chevy Silverado

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